Fundraising for Afghan girls

With the return of the Taliban to power, many restrictions were created for Afghan girls. It was not easy for us to stand by and watch the deprivation of Afghan girls. We started the Afghanistan project in 2022 to help Afghan girls create social and economic opportunities for themselves by teaching them new skills. In eight months, this project, online and voluntary, taught "Graphic Design" to volunteer girls so that they could create job and social positions for themselves.

Fundraising Form

In this form, you only declare your interest, and there is no need to pay any amount.

Introduction of first-year students

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Second Year of Project

In the first year, 158 girls participated in this course. as well as the self-confidence that the girls gained during this project, made us determined to continue the project for another year.

According to our estimates, the cost of an eight-month training course is 280 euros per person.

Scholarship students so far

158 people by Vand International Institute

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