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We are a brand consultant focusing on the two areas of strategy and design. Within the framework of Dizan’s strategy vision, our team works with leading organizations to solve brand challenges. The services provided by the Branding Vand consulting company to its clients have three different but continuous parts that are implemented in several steps and each of them has specific methods and processes.

In the first phase of branding, by focusing on knowing the brand and its audience, we reach the final goal, which is the formulation of brand strategies. We believe that the essential and primary condition for the success of the brand is the correct and complete understanding of the audience and their cognitive process, the market and competitors. We advance this phase through strategic meetings with the managers and main elements of the brand and its audience until a complete and accurate understanding of the brand’s goals and perspectives, perceptions, receptions, and expectations of the audience from the brand is obtained.

In the course of formulating the brand strategy, in addition to designing and implementing quantitative and qualitative surveys of the brand audience, extensive studies and research are conducted in the field of analyzing the position and position of the brand’s competitors with the audience and at the market level, and accurate, transparent and up-to-date data about successful international examples. And their success pattern is collected and analyzed.

In the next step, based on Vand’s methodology, which includes the clock model, the brand equity pyramid, the Kapferer brand identity charter, etc., analyzes in the industry using the Danish ladder, etc., the brand strategy document, which is the final output of the first stage, is compiled. In the brand strategy document, brand identity, brand personality, brand position, brand architecture, brand strategic message, points of distinction and similarity of the brand in the market and among competitors and audiences are determined.

Also, in the brand strategy document, verbal identity and behavioral identity guidelines are also included so that brand managers and employees know what behavioral and verbal codes to follow with the audience at the contact points. The duration of the implementation of the first stage of branding usually takes two months.

The second stage of the branding process in Vend company is image identity design, in which the structure of the brand identity is designed based on the Diamond method. Brand identity includes visual, verbal and behavioral three identities that are designed based on the direction given in the brand’s strategic document.

In order to avoid cognitive biases and taste debates, the main approach in this section is neurodesign and the use of tools and methods such as eye movement tests, etc., and the goal is to find the best color and design structures for the brand, which has two distinguishing features, with tests and detailed analysis.

and to be permanent in the mind and eyes of the audience. The visual identity design itself has several steps and includes the design of the logo, logotype, fonts, brand tagline, brand naming, the structure of the printed brand identity and documents, the structure of the brand’s website and virtual space, color proportions, instructions and verbal brand identity structures that lead to the final brand book. are added The visual identity design stage is carried out in a period of 2 to 5 months.

The third phase of implementation of branding and design projects in the Design Vand consulting company is to supervise the implementation of designs, project management and consulting. At this stage, Vand accompanies the brands so that the brands implement the image identity guidelines with the most mastery and the least amount of errors.

Although in the usual case the owners of brands and businesses want to take the initiative of implementation themselves, handing over such responsibility is a high risk, and for this reason, Vend stays with the brands so that the implementation of guidelines and guidelines can guarantee a stronger implementation.

On the other hand, in the project implementation phase, the needs of brands, obstacles, challenges, and branding implementation capabilities are identified and tested in the real environment, which is more desirable to think of solutions and answers for each one.

The third phase usually lasts for a year, and during this time, design and content production teams are formed in the brand of the contracting party and are trained to take the helm of their brand in interaction with the audience according to the agenda specified by the vendor. Part of the process of creating a brand experience is related to the behavioral identity of the brand, including codes of conduct, type of clothing, the way of responding to calls and in the virtual space, the tone of the brand, etc., and the success of their implementation depends more than anything on the performance of the brand.

In addition to the development of behavioral identity, in the third stage, Vand completes visual, verbal and behavioral identity guidelines, the implementation methods of the website and virtual space, etc., and gives them branding advice in regular meetings according to the needs of brands, and in the field of media and holding press meetings. , guides their various events and campaigns. Finally, after one year, with the completion of the exclusive brand book, its final version is delivered to the brand.