Social responsibility means being able to think about improving the conditions of society independently of social roles and beyond economic concerns.
At Vand, this concept means social activism and helping to achieve peace and equality. Vand’s social activism is an effort to support humanitarian ideas and create those cultural and social campaigns that lead to the improvement of the conditions of society and social groups.

Afghanistan project

Skill and Opportunity for Afghanistan Woman

The Afghanistan project is an effort to teach skills to Afghan women who are deprived of education and access to the labor market due to the political conditions prevailing in this country.

Afghanistan project is a series of several semesters of free and voluntary design skills training, which Branding Vend international consulting company started on March 8, 2022, at the same time as International Women’s Day. A project whose most important goal is to create job opportunities for the graduates of this project and bring these people to income generation.


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