Afghanistan Project
VAND International Social Responsibility Project
+Skill and Opportunity for Afghanistan Women


Menu بستن
Iranian private bank with an international atmosphere
Different design of a brand in the competitive network equipment market
Brand design of a magician
The strategy of silence in a noisy market
Coordination performance
An elite brand in the field of information security
Create distinction with a bold use of red
Iranian identity for an international event
A readable identity
Create an efficient logo by removing clutter
A distinctive brand in the French tea and tea market
Iranian identity in the digital world
A leading brand in Iran's capital market
A healthy and green brand in Canada
Canadian startup branding at the balance point of beauty and efficiency
The aesthetic ugliness strategy made for an eye-catching logo
Reviving the reputation of a brand in the light of an international cooperation
The architectural character of a construction company
Color can reduce advertising costs by 35%
A new brand in the market of healthy drinks in America and Canada
ساخت نسخه پریمیوم یک بانک خصوصی معمولی
The market leader should be recognized at a glance
A different mobile operator



Brand Managment

Experience creation and management is the final stage of branding. Within one year, the designed structures will be implemented with the advice and supervision of the company.

Brand Design

After the completion of the brand strategies section, the second stage of the project begins with the name of brand design, in which the visual identity structure of the design …

Brand Strategy

Vand’s most basic service in branding and design strategy projects is brand exploration, which focuses on knowing the brand and its audience.


The Best Brand Awards

Germany 2019
"Branding Bank Sina" project has won The Best Brand Awards 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany. This project is the result of Wend's collaboration with Rob Janoff.

The World Brand Design Society Awards

England 2020
The project "Rebranding Mel & Moj" has been nominated for The World Brand Design Society Awards 2020.

International Design Awards

America 2017
"Capana Restaurant Branding" project won the Chicago International Design Awards 2017. Capanna is an Italian restaurant in Tehran...

Graphis Design Awards

America 2018
Nishant Rytel has won the 2018 Graphis Award in New York. The Wrightel logo was designed by Toraj Saberivand (Design Strategist of Vand International Company) in 2009...

A’ Design Award

"Visual Identity of the 10th International Brand Conference" in Italy won the silver award of the 2017 A' Design Award competition.