Iranian identity in the digital world


The experience of growing a business and the need for a new identity

Skyroom is an Iranian platform for online meetings. With the epidemic of Covid-19, this startup experienced a 100-fold growth and the number of its active users exceeded 27 million people. Compatible with this new position, Skyroom followed the transformation approach in brand strategy and target market development, and in this direction, Vend team was asked to create a new image identity.

Only 14% of the audience knew the Skyroom logo

During the project studies, we realized that the audience of Skyroom is not able to recognize its logo from among the competitors. Skyroom was ranked second in the Top of Mind chart, and in brand recall, it was not much different from the others, but it was found that the Google Meet logo was remembered 2 times more than the Skyroom logo, the Adobe Connect logo 3 times, and the Skype logo 7 times more remembered by the Iranian audience. Is.

What was the basis for changing the logo?

Wend’s “one-word logos” rule says that a logo must be explainable with one word to be memorable. The previous logo of Skyroom does not follow this rule and therefore the audience does not recognize the logo even though they know the brand. This analysis was the basis for changing the Skyroom logo.

Key features of the new logo

By looking at the birthplace of the Skyroom brand (Nishabur) and strategic associations that emphasized originality and locality, the most important point of differentiation of the design and the key criterion of Skyroom branding was determined. Among the elements related to the brand name, we chose the cloud concept for the logo design. In the implementation of this path, inspired by Iranian miniature art, the brand logo was designed in the form of miniature clouds. Now, it is expected that the Skyroom logo with the word “cloud” will connect with the subconscious mind of the audience and be easily remembered.